refurb: guest bathroom

One of the ways I refresh and relax is by redecorating or refurbishing in my home (that’s a lot of “r” words!). I recently refurbed our guest bathroom (we’ve affectionately referred to it as “Macey’s bathroom” for the last several years, even though she’s moved into her own #babecave with friends… I suppose it will always be hers!). I’m so grateful for our neighborhood handyman who helped with the floors and two of our spiritual sons who helped install the new vanity. Praise the Lord for all their know how!

I wanted to keep this bathroom light and bright. It’s one of the only rooms in the house with a sunrise window so it gets great natural light. I love these matte marble tile planks! I went with a charcoal grout to tie into the charcoal marbling, and I prefer dark grout on floors. Not only does it look amazing, but it is more forgiving than light colored grout.

Bentley loves the floors, too!

The vanity is a beauty and was a steal! We got it for $400 off original price on some miraculous sale that was happening at Home Depot. I typically don’t like their vanities because they tend to be more commercial looking, but this one stole my heart. With its vintage dresser feel and contrasting white toned granite top it’s the star of this bathroom!

The large round mirror, shelving and black botanical artwork were all selected from my home away from home (at least when we aren’t sheltering in place due to a global pandemic!), Hobby Lobby.

Our next project this spring will be the laundry room, so stay tuned! off to wash my hands (again!) in our newly refurbed bathroom!

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