february sweet treats series :: chocolate chip cookies {paleo}

I have a sweet tooth and I married a man who has more of a sweet tooth than me. We both love a little somethin' sweet from time to time: after a meal, at a party, in the middle of the day for no reason at all. Although my hubs has cut back on his … Continue reading february sweet treats series :: chocolate chip cookies {paleo}

tasty super bowl party food {paleo}

Considering the BIG game is THIS SUNDAY, you're gonna want to get those healthy snacks and treats all set for your football-lovin' fans. I grew up on li'l smokies, Freetos and Hidden Valley ranch dip for Super Bowl Sunday, so obviously my game-watchin' food has changed since eating paleo-style. As I've mentioned, I love watching … Continue reading tasty super bowl party food {paleo}

paleo meal plan: february 2014

I was super excited that so many of you found my paleo meal plan from January and that it was a big hit for you! We REALLY enjoyed the honey chicken thighs... yum, yum, yum! I've generally not been a big lover of the dark meat, but those chicken thighs made a convert out of … Continue reading paleo meal plan: february 2014

penny-wise wednesday #3

As I was headed out the door to Hobby Lobby this week to get some supplies for a baby shower and a Valentine's Day party that I have coming up this month (more on both of those soon!), my husband, who knew I was trying to keep to a schedule on that particular day, says … Continue reading penny-wise wednesday #3

road trip snacks {paleo}

I'm a sucker for a road trip! I love the packing, the prepping, the loading up of the car, getting on the open road, listening to an awesome playlist, chattin' it up with your roady companions. Such a great time. Recently, my hubs and I took a road trip to visit our family in Muncie, … Continue reading road trip snacks {paleo}

mashed sweet potatoes {paleo}

I was never a big fan of sweet potatoes until we started eating paleo, unless they were fried or battered (those days are over!). But since our healthier lifestyle ensued, I've become quite fond of these vibrant, pinkish-orange, tropical tubers! We even found a┬áDELICIOUS paleo sweet potato casserole last year for Thanksgiving (that you can … Continue reading mashed sweet potatoes {paleo}

paleo meal plan: january 2014

My husband is an amazing cook. Cooking is for him what shopping is for me. It relaxes him, helps him focus, gives him a creative outlet. And can I just say how ecstatic I was to discover in our courtship that the man loves to cook AND he's good at it?!?! He chops and purees … Continue reading paleo meal plan: january 2014

pancakes {paleo} yum

Growing up in my childhood home my dad would make scrumptious pancakes almost every Saturday morning for my sister and me. He'd make the fluffiest batter and add chocolate chips to it (because everything is better with chocolate chips!). Then he'd pour the batter onto a well-greased griddle into perfect circles, and on special occasions, … Continue reading pancakes {paleo} yum