kids valentine cards | it’s a candy-free zone

The Motherboards has this awesome Kids Valentine Card idea just in time for the big day, and they’re all candy-free. Woot! Woot! More great ideas comin’ at ya this week in prep for V-day this Friday! :: xo Ronda


A lot of DIY Valentine’s Day kid’s cards do something cute with candy and I believe we literally can do better than that for our kids. Little plastic creatures from the dollar store are my fave kid’s craft element. You may have seen them on most of my cupcakes?? Here are three fun, healthy Valentines.

By: Liesbeth

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valentine’s day card ideas {free and printable!}

There are a plethora of Valentine's Day card ideas out there, and I just love every one of 'em! I can remember being so excited to give away my Valentine's Day cards at school. And of course I always saved my favorite cards in the bunch for my "besties." As I grew up, a card … Continue reading valentine’s day card ideas {free and printable!}