slow cooker green bean casserole {gf/df}

Thanksgiving is nearly here and I can just smell all the traditional yumminess!! This is a recipe I developed after searching for the perfect gluten and dairy free recipe for green bean casserole, but nothing struck my fancy. So, hope you enjoy! INGREDIENTS - MUSHROOM SOUP (MAKE FIRST): • 1/3 cup gluten free flour • … Continue reading slow cooker green bean casserole {gf/df}


butternut squash pasta

It’s fall! And here in the South that means beautiful changing leaves, uncertain temperatures from one day to the next, and butternut squash everything! I recently made this for my dear friend Donna’s birthday and it was a hit! And, the perfect fall meal! Ingredients - Butternut Squash Spaghetti 1 large (or 2 small) butternut … Continue reading butternut squash pasta

Easy Spinach Dip

Create this delicious spinach dip adapted from The Pioneer Woman’s classic recipe, and WOW your guests! Perfect for a charcuterie board or any festive get together! INGREDIENTS: 10-14oz of fresh spinach, chopped 2 packages soft goat cheese, 4 oz each 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup manchego cheese, grated 3 green onions, chopped 1 carrot, peeled … Continue reading Easy Spinach Dip

prosciutto wrapped chicken

Last night we had a birthday celebration for four women who are spiritual daughters in my life, and it was such a special time! I wanted to make a meal that would be AIP/Paleo friendly to accommodate some of their eating needs. This prosciutto wrapped chicken ended up being delicious! INGREDIENTS: 6 organic chicken breasts6 … Continue reading prosciutto wrapped chicken

paleo upside down cake

I've made a delicious paleo "upside down" cake for the last several years from a blog I loved, but the blog has since closed it's doors... ugh! I never served mine upside down because I bake it in a regular baking dish rather than a springform pan, but you can certainly use your springform and … Continue reading paleo upside down cake

honey glazed ham

Easter is nearly upon us and I'm excited to have ham with all the fixins! We'll be hosting a virtual Easter this year because we're sheltering in place due to the #coronavirus. But that won't stop us from making a bunch of yummy food that we'll eat on for days! Here's the honey glazed ham … Continue reading honey glazed ham

chicken chow mein

Since the #coronavirus pandemic is requiring we abide by a “stay at home” order, I’ve been cooking creatively, and cooking a lot more than usual! Tonight’s deliciousness was a unique invention as the hubs asked for Asian cuisine. Hope you enjoy! INGREDIENTS Noodles of choice (I used Shirataki noodles since they’re no carbs, but you … Continue reading chicken chow mein

onion rings {gf}

This delicious (and WW friendly!) recipe is simple and soooo good! I made turkey bacon cheeseburgers (with Manchego... mmmm) to accompany these golden goodies. INGREDIENTS 1 large yellow onion1 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal - crushed until it’s fine crumbs (make sure it’s gf if you require that)2 T gf bread crumbs 1 tsp garlic … Continue reading onion rings {gf}

mashed red potatoes {crockpot}

We just came through a peaceful, relaxing, joyful Christmas celebration! My hubs made his delicious turkey, and I made all the "fixins"! Since all these delectable side dishes take time, I do some pre-prep and take full advantage of having an instant pot and a crockpot. These mashed red potatoes are tasty! INGREDIENTS 6 lbs … Continue reading mashed red potatoes {crockpot}

eggplant parmesan {manchego}

I’ve recently discovered that I like eggplant! Who knew? I’ve been wanting to try my hand at an eggplant parmesan, but a non-cow milk dairy version since I don’t do well with cow milk dairy. So I made some revisions to a traditional recipe that will tickle your tastebuds and have you saying “bellisimo!” Enjoy! … Continue reading eggplant parmesan {manchego}