diy faux tiled lamp

Came across this awesome diy idea that costs next to nothing to make and will turn that drab lamp into a work of art. It’s very West Elm looking, don’t ya think? Thanks to this sweet blogger at Flower Crowns & Candy. :: xo Ronda

flower crowns & candy


Its cute, but is it $90 (on sale) cute?  Nope.
Here’s my version.
photo 5

I love shopping on Gilt, the style and ease of the site is so addicting.  But even with their “70% off” items, prices can still run a little steep, especially in their home goods section.  I saw this lamp and fell in love, but figured I could make something similar.  I did a little research, made a Target and Michael’s run, and I was well on my way to a new entry table focal point.

What you’ll need:

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