link party-palooza


Being new to the blogosphere, I have so appreciated the amazing women bloggers who have gone before me. Most of these creative and talented women are full-time blog masters and they are super generous with tips and advice to help us younger, less experienced (and not even part of part-time) bloggers. One such expert is this awesome mama at Not only does she post some incredibly crafty and diy-riffic stuff on her blog, she also is the queen of what’s known in the blogdom as “link parties,” which gives beginner bloggers like me a place to connect, as well as showcase some of what I’ve been working on lately.

And, I’m so grateful and honored to be featured on’s top 20 Ways To Bring Patterns Into Your Home (check it out here!)! She featured my diy magnets that I shared with y’all earlier this year here on my diy page. Being acknowledged in this way just spurs me on to continue to blog with excellence!

Listen, for I will speak of excellent things, And from the opening of my lips will come right things; | Proverb 8:6


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