top 10 easy decorating tips

If you've been to my home more than once you know that I love to decorate, and re-decorate, and then decorate again. I appreciate change, particularly changing season to season. So it's no surprise that this comes out in my home decor style as well. I don't consider myself an expert like that super tall … Continue reading top 10 easy decorating tips


diy end table

There's a corner in our living room that has never felt quite right to me. Now, this could be simply because I wish the window in the living room corner was bigger. Nonetheless, I've settled for a floor lamp as a filler for several months. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this floor lamp! … Continue reading diy end table

lighting up the world

It's "Reblog Tuesday" where you'll see the best of the best of some of what's going on in the blog-o-sphere! DIY projects, events, paleo-riffic ideas, organizing life and more! First up: Home Is What You Make It's "Lighting Up The World" DIY Globe Light. Enjoy! :: xo Ronda

coffee table diy

The living room in our home is not too large, not too small... but just right. It's cozy and inviting; the perfect spot for spending time with all the people we love (just not all at one time, of course!). As I began to refurbish the bachelor-esque living room after getting married, I was super … Continue reading coffee table diy

diy headboard

As Michael {my beloved} and I enter our 21st month of wedded blissfulness, I'm beyond thankful for God's hand of provision. Among the top-listers on my gratitude list is that of our beautiful home! Michael was a bachelor when he purchased our cozy 3br/2ba abode in Franklin, TN. (Well done, babe!) As a woman who … Continue reading diy headboard