feature: vintage paper creations {sarah curry}

I love paper. All types. Especially the whimsical, beautiful kind. I am a push-over for anything from Paper-Source, Etsy or Papyrus. I could spend hours perusing these websites, and hours on end roaming around Paper-Source. Another favorite in the paper department is Minted.com. They are the cream of the crop for personalized stationery and cards for all occasions. Again, I could spend many an hour admiring the creativity displayed there.

Thus, you can imagine how excited I was to discover that a sweet friend from many moons ago sells her adorable creations on Minted.com! Her name is Sarah Curry, and she is ultra creative when it comes to anything you need for parties, events, entertaining or sending out cards or stationery for Christmas, your next move or baby on the way.

2.10.14 Sarah Curry banner

I have known Sarah since she was in high school because we went to church together and she was in the youth group I lead at the time. Sarah is a graphic designer and is currently living in my home town of Santa Cruz, California. She has a super sweet demeanor, and it shows in her creations! Here’s a peek at some of her inspirations. It’s legit.

I’m loving her style and flair. It’s cheery and playful. So pop on over to Sarah’s Minted page and check out what she’s got goin’ on. Happy Valentine’s Week!

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