valentine’s cookie party with two sweeties

Since my hubs and I don’t have kids of our own, we love getting to be uncle and auntie to many sweet li’l ones whose parents are in our lives. It’s such an honor and a joy for us both to spend time with all these kiddos, and we like that it gives mommy and daddy a little alone time, too! Good friends of ours, Mike and Sarah, have three adorable girlies that they are raising, all under the age of five–Rinah, Gloria and Hannah. Last year we invited Rinah, who was three at the time, to come to our house for a Valentine’s cookie making day. This year, sister Gloria, who is next in age, got to come, too!

val cookie day 1

First things first, we gave the girls their Valentine’s Day cards, complete with stickers, of course. We prepped the cookie cutters, set out the sprinkles, and made the cookie dough and frosting before the girls arrived so that they could jump right in to cutting and decorating.

val cookie day 2

When we were thinking about what kind of cookies to make, naturally we thought of sugar cookies. However, since we haven’t yet found a great paleo sugar cookie recipe, we went with the next best thing: Pamela’s Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix and her Vanilla Frosting to top it off (both of which you can find at Whole Foods). Once we rolled out the dough, we gave each of the girls their own portion and let them go to town with the cookie cutters. They were so excited, and Gloria kept asking if she could eat the dough (a girl after my own heart!).

val cookie day 3

While the cookies were in the oven, we let the girls watch Mary Poppins for a bit to pass the time. This will be a tradition now since we started watching it with Rinah last year. Love that! Once the cookies were out of the oven and cooled a bit, we frosted them and let the girls loose to begin decorating. They were super excited!

val cookie day 4 val cookie day 5

It was probably torture that I kept wanting to take photos before they could actually eat any! We let them pick three cookies each, then counted 1-2-3 and they ate their creations with big smiles and lots of yum-yums!

val cookie day 6

Super cute girls. Very fun day. What a joy.

val cookie day 7

“Whoever receives this little child in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me. For he who is least among you all will be great.” | Luke 9:48


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