diy spruced-up planters

Since winter has been so fickle it might as well be spring already! So get your gardening inspiration all geared up with these diy planters. Adorable! :: xo Ronda

my personal coffee break

Aren’t we all just ready for spring to….spring? It’s long past due, even though we’re still in February. I think we can all agree this has been an awful winter. In trying to take my mind off of winter, I decided to repurpose a couple of planters that I had at home.

For Valentine’s Day, I opted for plants, instead of the typical flowers that most people receive. I like flowers, but my favorite flower (an orchid) is not very easy to care for, especially when you live in a tundra-like state. Secondly, flowers don’t last very long. So, when my husband asked if I wanted flowers, I quickly told him I’d really prefer some plants. And as it turns out, plants are cheaper, too. He had me go with him to pick out the plants I wanted, and since I had these planters in mind (and I’d been thinking…

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