feature: pomp & circumstance

I’m delighted to introduce to you my super creative, talented and witty friends over at Pomp & Circumstance, Jessie and Jamie.

pomp & circumstance

In case you couldn’t tell, they’re sisters. I’ve known them for upwards of 15 years, and they even traveled from California to Tennessee for my wedding {and to see Music City, of course!} – so sweet! Mrs. Pomp (Jamie) handles all things related to fashion and Mrs. Circumstance (Jessie) is the queen of design, but they definitely both hold their own in each arena. They’ve been featured on West Elm’s Dream Makeover Series, as well as an Ebay Fashion Feature (legit!), and their modern with a touch of eclectic style in the home and fashion fronts are to be admired. Here’s a peek at some of their awesomeness, and you can also visit them anytime over at pomp-circumstance.com!

Dinner party for 18? No problem. Just bring along your Kraft paper roll!

pomp & circumstance dinner party

Great ideas for the home with before and after shots.

pomp & circumstance before and after

This is a fantastic, simple solution for a wall shelf that is super affordable.

pomp & circumstance diy bookshelf

I love these girls, so give them some bloggin’ love and tell them I sent you! <3

A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. | Proverbs 18:24


2 thoughts on “feature: pomp & circumstance

  1. Thanks Shron!! Thank you for all the compliments…what a treat and a delight. I miss you and all your Nashville-ness. I love what you are doing! You are a dear, dear friend, whom I love. xoxo

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