diy no sew pillows

I can remember taking a sewing class when I was in 7th grade. I made a bag, and probably an apron or something like it. I loved my home economics class. I felt so crafty and accomplished, like I could truly make anything. I’ve since strayed from sewing (read: I don’t sew), but I have always admired the talent.

Since I haven’t taken up the art of sewing in many, many (many!) years, I look for alternative means of creating things with the talents I do have – like knowing how to tie a knot, for example. That’s a talent I’ve had since learning how to tie my own shoes. This in jest, of course. But I was thrilled to discover a way to use my mad knot-tying skillz that would also serve well in sprucing up my living room furniture for spring. Thus, the no sew pillow!

diy no sew pillow

It’s as easy as pie (or as pouring cereal, anyway). Here’s what you need:

  • A pillow (you can use any pillow!)
  • A yard of fabric (any fabric will do!)

First, iron your fabric so that you don’t have any creases in awkward places.

diy now sew pillow

Then, place your fabric print-side down on a large table or on your floor (just make sure the surface is clean).

diy no sew pillow

Next, put your pillow in the middle of the fabric. Using a similar method to wrapping gifts, fold the fabric over the pillow from top and from bottom.

diy fabric pillow

diy fabric pillow

Then take the fabric on the left and on the right and fold them over the pillow as well.

diy fabric pillow

This next part is where your knot-tying skills will come in handy. ;) Take the left and right pieces of fabric and tie them in a knot. Last, cut off any excess fabric and then tuck the loose ends behind the knot. Voila! Your very own no sew pillow!

diy no sew pillow

And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” | Exodus 33:14


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