diy easter baskets

It’s April and that means Easter-y goodness all over the place. I always look forward to holidays with my family. When I was younger, my sister and I would wear matching outfits, complete with bonnets and purses. Yes, we were quite the little beauties. Easter morning we would wake up with great excitement since a large rabbit visited our home and left us baskets full of jelly beans and chocolate treats. Amazing. I love those memories!

I’m still a big fan of Easter baskets. They are such a fun tradition. My hubz didn’t know how awesome holidays would be when he married me. :) This year I’ve opted to create a unique Easter basket for me, my husband and our live-in adopted daughter, Macey.

For my hubsy, I started with a plastic pail from the Dollar Tree ($1.00). I bought some felt from The Hob ($1.00) and cut it into circles, then glued the circles in an overlapping fashion all the way around the pail.

Then I grabbed some twine I had on hand and tied it around the pail to give it a finished look. I love the result and it just cost me $2.00!

diy easter basket 1

Next, for Macey, I bought a wire basket from the Dollar Tree ($1.00) and some ribbon from The Hob ($2.00). Then I wove the different ribbon in and out of the basket.

To finish it off, I wrapped twine around the handle, and it turned out so cute!

diy easter basket 2

Last, for my basket I bought a metal bucket and a bouquet of faux flowers, both from the Dollar Tree (just $1.00 each!). I started by pulling the flower heads off of the bouquets and cutting the stem so that the flowers would lie flat against the bucket. I whipped out the hot glue gun and got to glueing.

For the handle, I used my thick jute rope and cut a piece for each side to make two handles. It turned out so flowery and lovely!

diy easter basket 3

These were all super simple, and so inexpensive. I love them all! What are you doing for Easter baskets this year?

diy easter baskets diy easter baskets

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. | Psalm 25:5


2 thoughts on “diy easter baskets

  1. Those have got to be some of cutest Easter baskets I’ve seen, they are adorable and even better so inexpensive, love that. I love them all but the flowered bucket is my very favorite, the colors of the flowers are gorgeous. Just think how pretty that will look on a table in your home or out on patio. I am going to make that one especially. Our $tree didn’t have those little wire baskets or they were all sold before I got there darn it. I’ve got to pin all three, so glad you shared these. Such clever use of inexpensive things. Happy Spring
    I remember getting all dressed up as a little girl to go to church on Easter Sunday. I was born in 1940 so we wore gloves to church and little white patent shoes, how I loved my outfits.

    1. I love that, JaneEllen! I think we wore gloves and patent leather, too… so many wonderful memories! Thank you for your kind words about the Easter baskets. I love the floral one, too! :) Have a great weekend!

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