the mother of all spring cleaning list

Happy first day of March! Only 20 more days until spring. Somebody shout a HALELUJAH to that! Springtime always gives me that sense of readiness, aliveness, expectant-ness, and a bunch of other -ness words I can’t seem to think of right now. It’s a time for new life and new vision. A time for warmth and fresh air. Not to mention it’s the season of my wedding anniversary, which means a little excursion with my main squeeze. It’s also the time of year I begin cleaning, organizing, purging and re-purposing things in my home. Lots to look forward to!

Since I’m starting my Spring Cleaning Series today, I thought I’d start by offering you my Mother Of All Spring Cleaning List to get you amped for your own spring cleaning. I hope it will have everything you’ll need to get your home fresh, clean, and ready for your family and friends to enjoy throughout the season and the rest of the year. Just click on the image below to download & print!

2.28.14 spring cleaning list

The Mother of All Spring Cleaning List

The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. | Psalm 19:9


6 thoughts on “the mother of all spring cleaning list

  1. This is awesome! However, I have to say that I couldn’t enlarge it enough to read it. I may have to print it. That darn age thing!!! Xoxoxo

  2. I love this list! It is awesome and I’m totally going to use it! I have my own blog ( It’s geared toward recipes and meal planning. I always need advice when it comes to cleaning!

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