diy easter dish towels

I’m excited about all of the Easter-riffic DIY projects I’m getting to do this season! If you haven’t seen my metallic eggs or easter baskets, go check them out here. Next up are my DIY Easter Dish Towels.

4.5.14 diy easter dish towels

These were really fun and a breeze to make. As a substitute for plain white dish towels, I started with plain white handkerchiefs because they are far less expensive than the dish towels (just $0.99 a piece at The Hob!). I ironed them to get out the creases. I decided on an egg shape and a bunny shape. You can use these stencils below.

4.5.14 diy egg template 4.5.14 diy bunny template


I traced the shapes onto felt and cut them out. I then took some cheerfully colored ribbon and began gluing alternating strips of ribbon onto the egg and bunny shapes. Once they were all glued, I turned it over and began cutting the ribbon along the edge of each of the shapes.

diy easter dish towels diy easter dish towels

I then glued each of the ribbon-adorned shapes onto the plain white dish towels (you can sew them as well… I just love gluing!). I also added a ribbon at the top so that I can hang the towels onto a hook in my kitchen.

diy easter dish towels diy easter dish towels

The result is these adorable Easter dish towels! They’re cute, easy to make and super functional.

diy easter dish towels diy easter dish towels

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