diy name place cards + holders for easter

I can’t believe tomorrow is Easter! We had an amazing Good Friday service last night at church called “Come To The Cross.” It was so inspiring and moving. Several people from our church wrote original music for the evening, and it was absolutely beautiful. I pray that as you prepare for Easter Sunday that you set aside time to thank God for the sacrifice He made giving up His Son to pay the price for our wrong-doing. I am forever grateful for Jesus.

As you know from previous posts this month, we’re having Easter dinner at my mom’s house. Nonetheless, I was doing a little creating earlier this week and came up with this simple way to make name place cards for your guests.

4.19.14 easter name place card holders

Simply pick up a pack of clothespins from your local dollar store, and some washi tape from your local craft store.

4.19.14 easter name place card holders 3 4.19.14 easter name place card holders 2

Put a piece of washi tape on the outside of the clothespin. Cut the excess tape off from the sides, top and bottom. And, that’s it! To use them, just stand them up on their end so that the clamping part of the clothespin is facing upward.

diy easter name place card holders

And, here are some printable name place cards for you to use for your festivities tomorrow. Simply write your guests’ names in the center of each card, and your table will be complete!

4.19.14 name place card 4.19.14 name place card 2 easter name place cards

And the third day He will rise again. | Luke 18:33b


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