diy garden markers

I’m not a gardener. My mom loves it. I used to joke that we could be walking down any street in any city and mom would be able to tell you the name of every plant, flower and tree. She’s like a walking encyclopedia of gardening wisdom. My husband also has quite the green thumb and loves to be outside planting this time of year. He recently planted some roses and other beauties that should be springing up any week now with blooms. Can’t wait!

Since I have a black thumb, I determined that I could still participate in the gardening adventure since I do have a green thumb of sorts in all things DIY. :) I derived these clever ways to make garden markers for all the lovelies that are coming soon in our backyard.

diy garden markers

First, I took the lids from some of my un-used canning jars and spray painted them with this awesome chalkboard spray paint.

diy garden markerschalkboard spray paint diy chalkboard garden markers

Then, I bought some dowels from The Hob and hot glued them to the backs of the adorned lids.

diy garden markers

When they were dry, I grabbed my chalk marker and wrote the names of the plants on each of the lids and took them outside to place them in the appropriate spots in the garden. I love these! They’re so cute, and were so easy to make. I’ll be making more soon since we just planted a boat-load of hydrangeas this week… my favorite!

diy garden markers diy chalkboard garden markers

I also picked up some white tile corners from Home Depot, grabbed my sharpie and created these simple markers for the herb garden. Love it!

diy herb garden markers diy herb garden markers diy herb garden

For the Lord will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the garden of the Lord; Joy and gladness will be found in it, Thanksgiving and the voice of melody. | Isaiah 51:3


4 thoughts on “diy garden markers

  1. These are darling. I am going to do this for my garden at home and I was looking for a marker project for our community gardeners. This is absolutely perfect. Pinning. Stopping by from Freedom Friday

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