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casa de aguas guacamole

The hubs and I were blessed to get to go to Puerta Vallarta for our honeymoon two years ago when we got married. It was UH-MAY-ZEENG! All inclusive, y’all. That’s where it’s at. Since our last name is Waters, the employees there kept calling us Senor or Senora Aguas. We loved it. Upon moving into… Continue reading casa de aguas guacamole

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paleo cinnamon raisin bagels

This sweet blogger has some awesome paleo recipes! Check out what she’s up to over at The Little Green Spoon!

be healthy · be healthy: sides & snacks

tasty grain-free bread

Since Easter is approaching, I’ve been thinking about our Easter meal. We’ll be gathering at my parents, and mom will likely make the most delicious ham you’ve ever tasted (seriously!), and some healthier version of scalloped potatoes, seeing as they’re one of dad’s favs. Since going paleo, I miss bread. I mean, like a lot.… Continue reading tasty grain-free bread

be healthy · be healthy: sides & snacks

easy bake grain-free crackers

Since eating paleo-style, my hubs and I have really missed the “crunch” of chips, crackers and all things bread-like. If God’s grace wasn’t available to us both, I think we would’ve pitched the paleo idea after day one! :) However, as we have done a little investigative work over the last several months, we’ve found… Continue reading easy bake grain-free crackers

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tasty super bowl party food {paleo}

Considering the BIG game is THIS SUNDAY, you’re gonna want to get those healthy snacks and treats all set for your football-lovin’ fans. I grew up on li’l smokies, Freetos and Hidden Valley ranch dip for Super Bowl Sunday, so obviously my game-watchin’ food has changed since eating paleo-style. As I’ve mentioned, I love watching… Continue reading tasty super bowl party food {paleo}

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road trip snacks {paleo}

I’m a sucker for a road trip! I love the packing, the prepping, the loading up of the car, getting on the open road, listening to an awesome playlist, chattin’ it up with your roady companions. Such a great time. Recently, my hubs and I took a road trip to visit our family in Muncie,… Continue reading road trip snacks {paleo}

be healthy · be healthy: sides & snacks

mashed sweet potatoes {paleo}

I was never a big fan of sweet potatoes until we started eating paleo, unless they were fried or battered (those days are over!). But since our healthier lifestyle ensued, I’ve become quite fond of these vibrant, pinkish-orange, tropical tubers! We even found a┬áDELICIOUS paleo sweet potato casserole last year for Thanksgiving (that you can… Continue reading mashed sweet potatoes {paleo}