tasty super bowl party food {paleo}

Considering the BIG game is THIS SUNDAY, you’re gonna want to get those healthy snacks and treats all set for your football-lovin’ fans. I grew up on li’l smokies, Freetos and Hidden Valley ranch dip for Super Bowl Sunday, so obviously my game-watchin’ food has changed since eating paleo-style. As I’ve mentioned, I love watching the game with a ton of people and some great food! This year, however, we’ll have a semi-quiet afternoon/evening with just the family since we have a lot of other events happening this month (more on those here!). In prep for the festivities, I’ve been on the hunt for some quick and easy (and tasty!) recipes to stay true to our paleo ways. Of course my favorite “go to” books came through once again! (Be sure to check out Practical Paleo and Against All Grain.) And there are lots and lots and LOTS of great paleo munching recipes online.

super bowl party food

First, every good football party must have some super flavorful chicken wings. For these little chicken delights, paleogrubs.com has an encyclopedia of chicken wing choices that look deee-licious.

chicken wings paleo

And you can’t have a chicken wing without something awesome to dip it in. In this case, garlic aioli will definitely do the trick. And, the recipe here has it served up with carrot fries, thanks to our virtual friends over at paleomg.com. Score!

paleo garlic aioli

Another staple for the game is something with a little crunch-crunch to it. Since eating paleo eliminates all grains, and most crunchy things are made with grains, I was elated to discover from my friend Susanna that plantains are a sure fire base for achieving that cracker crunch that is so yummy with just about anything. You would never know they are grain free! We tried these a few weeks ago and let me just say, THEY. ARE. AMAZING. The Paleo Mom really knows her stuff. I can’t wait to make some more! 

plantain crackers paleo

And last but certainly not least, your tastebuds are going to crave something sweet for sure. So to satisfy the craving, you’re going to love these chocolate coconut macaroons from bonfirehealth.com. They are a staple in the Waters’ home!

paleo chocolate macaroons 2

paleo chocolate macaroons

Check out more awesome Super Bowl party ideas here and don’t forget my free Super Bowl printables here! It’s gonna be a great game!

And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. | 2 Timothy 2:5

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