diy baby infinity scarf

When I moved to Tennessee, I had saved enough to hold off on getting a job right away. That, and the fact that I was able to live with my wonderful parents, was such a blessing while I transitioned my life to this new southern land. My parents are both retired, and they definitely make … Continue reading diy baby infinity scarf

magnets easy diy

I am a gift-giver. Outside of my love for Jesus, my husband, family and friends is my deep love for giving gifts. I love the pursuit for that special gift and the thrill of finding what I just know they're gonna love. And then the packaging. I'm almost as much excited about packaging that wonderful, … Continue reading magnets easy diy

simple christmas wreath diy

It's always so sad when Christmas is over. I'm a big fan of Christmas. Huge. Fan. Actually. I start listening to Christmas music waaaayyyy before the actual day. It's more like a genre, than a season, when it comes to Christmas music. I shop all throughout the year for Christmas gifts. I start decorating before … Continue reading simple christmas wreath diy