diy baby infinity scarf

When I moved to Tennessee, I had saved enough to hold off on getting a job right away. That, and the fact that I was able to live with my wonderful parents, was such a blessing while I transitioned my life to this new southern land. My parents are both retired, and they definitely make the most of it! Dad keeps busy with projects around the house and the neighborhood (he’s the local go-to guy for everything from cleaning gutters to hauling stuff from Home Depot), as well as enjoying a weekly game of golf, spending time with the grandkids, and volunteering at church. Mom is a part of water aerobics, the book club, the garden club, the new comers club, and takes care of just about everyone in her life. While living with them, and being that I didn’t have a job at the time, I sort of became “retired” as well. In fact, they still recall to me, “Remember when you were retired, Ronda?” to which I’ll reply, “Ya, those were the days!”

During my pre-retired retirement years, I took up knitting. I mean, I had the time, and since I’m an achiever, there is no wasting time. All time must be productive (it’s a blessing and a curse!). I knitted about five half-scarves before I started working again, and then that knitting time got filled up with other things… like people! However, when my hubsy and I took our recent road trip (go here to see some of our awesome road trip), I thought it might be a great time to take up knitting again. In part I was motivated by the gorgeous yarn from Anthropologie my man put in my stocking for Christmas. This yarn is stunningly colorful and I just knew it would make the perfect baby scarf for a little baby girl who will be born very soon (go here to see her mama’s baby shower tomorrow!). After knitting and knitting on our road trip, I finally completed it, put a cute little button in the middle and made it a baby infinity scarf. SO. CUTE.

1.29.14 Baby Infinity Scarf

anthropologie yarn

anthropologie yarn baby scarf

anthropologie yarn baby scarf

For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. | Psalm 139:13


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