glass diy projects

I recently took a trip to the local Goodwill and was once again stricken by the realization that Goodwill is a major supplier for us DIYers! I mean, aisle after aisle of merchandise screaming to be painted, glued, sequined and the like. I generally start in the furniture aisles and always look for the colored … Continue reading glass diy projects


diy cell phone arm band

I had SUCH a great time this weekend with some vibrant, faithful, crazy sisters in The Lord as we met up in Louisville, Kentucky. We laughed, cried, prayed and ate amazing food together. Notice what's missing from that list is that we exercised together. Missing = didn't happen. And did I mention we ate great … Continue reading diy cell phone arm band

fathers day gift round up

It's that time of year agin to love on the most wonderful man in your life... DAD! I love my dad more than words can express in a blog post. He is strong, compassionate, funny, looks like Santa and would give you the shirt off his back... literally, so servant-hearted! In honor of my awesome daddy-o, … Continue reading fathers day gift round up

DIY: Paper Clip Bookmarks

Simple and fast DIY gift idea from the fabulous bloggers at M&J! Grab yourself some paper clips and your favorite ribbon, and get to creating!

M&J Blog

If you want to jazz up your office supply stash, look no further than M&J Trimming! We have a stash of gorgeous ribbons, trims and notions that are perfect for personalized your office space. So whether you’re a recent grad looking to beautify their first cube, an intern dipping a toe into the working world in style, or a seasoned pro who wants a little more personality in their space; you can DIY office upgrades with ease! Check out these adorable paper clips that can be used as bookmarks, or hold together your thesis paper.


Paper clips

5mm Gingham Ribbon

9mm Rose Satin Jacquard



Paper Clip 1 DSC_0315-21. Place your 9mm Jacquard through the top of the paper clip.

DSC_0317-22. Fold over the bottom piece and cut. Glue pieces together.

DSC_0319-23. Once dried, cut the top piece on a slant or different shape.

Paper Clip 2

DSC_0330-21. Place…

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diy craft paper candles

I am loving spring. It's sunny, somewhat breezy, all the flowers are blooming like crazy and the pool opens this weekend! So much to enjoy and look forward to. I've been doing quite a bit of crafting the last several weeks, as you may have noticed. I feel like a kid in a candy shop … Continue reading diy craft paper candles

diy paint dipped planting pots + utensils

I hope y'all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I was so surprised that my hubs had my three adult adopted-daughters come over before church yesterday for a yummy and super special Mother's Day breaky. I am so thankful to be a mom-in-the-Spirit to these young women. They are such a joy! I also got to … Continue reading diy paint dipped planting pots + utensils

diy cake plates

Mother's Day is just about here. Are you ready to dote on your mama? I am! I've also been working on some mother's day gifts that are on the hush-hush since my mom might see them here (but I'll share next week over on my diy page!). Another great idea for mom's day is to … Continue reading diy cake plates

diy ginger lime coconut sugar scrub

We had such a great weekend away for our anniversary! It's such a huge blessing that the hubs and I like to relax the same way - restful hotel, great food, and shopping (okay, that last one's for me mostly, but he's such a trooper!). :) As we ventured out into the Atlanta shopping experience, … Continue reading diy ginger lime coconut sugar scrub

diy dollar store: rhinestone projects

Every month or so I'll wander around the Dollar Tree up the street (as I've mentioned a billion times before) and look for inspiration for projects for my home. Actually, I pray while I'm strolling since I need the help of the Lord to not just throw things in my basket needlessly. :) I love that … Continue reading diy dollar store: rhinestone projects

diy shower favors

As a blogger, sometimes I feel like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and you're just coming along for the ride. "These are a few of my favorite things" plays in the background as I scribe about my favorite creations, gifts, events, food, etc. If I could dance while typing, you can believe I … Continue reading diy shower favors