happy st. patty’s day printables

Top-o-the-mornin' to you! Because of the western fascination with leprechauns and luck on this green-laden holiday, you may not realize that St. Patrick's Day was actually established to commemorate the life of St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity to Ireland. Huh. Interesting. As such, I wanted to celebrate today, and my Irish roots, with … Continue reading happy st. patty’s day printables


st. patrick’s day printables

I'm Irish. At least partly. I think I'm also Scottish, English and German as well, so not exactly a full blooded lassy! Nonetheless, I can remember many a St. Patty's Day when my mom would cook up a savory meal for this green barraged holiday, complete with corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. I didn't much … Continue reading st. patrick’s day printables