st. patrick’s day printables

I’m Irish. At least partly. I think I’m also Scottish, English and German as well, so not exactly a full blooded lassy! Nonetheless, I can remember many a St. Patty’s Day when my mom would cook up a savory meal for this green barraged holiday, complete with corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. I didn’t much care for it growing up, but I sure love it now. More on that another time, though. I can also remember going to school dressed in some sort of green attire in order to save myself from getting pinched. Then there were the years I decided I didn’t like the color green so refused to wear anything visible in the color, settling for green earrings or socks, or even one year, green bands on my braces. Clever. Oh so clever.

These days its merely a matter of remembering to wear green. Mostly I get pinched. Who decided that was a good tradition anyway?!? All this said, here are some cute St. Patrick’s Day printables to use this season. There’s even one for those of you who are not looking forward to having to oblige your friends by wearing green. And may the road rise up to meet you! image



You have granted me life and favor, and Your care has preserved my spirit. | Job 10:12


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