super bowl bingo {free and printable}

The BIG GAME is today, and though you’ll be enjoying lots of yummy snacks and putting up some festive game-watchin’ decor for all your fans (check out my awesome super bowl party snacks here and decorations here), I’m sure you may have one or two (or three or four…) guests who just aren’t into the game itself, but rather, view the game as a conduit for social interaction. I tend to be one such person, as is my sister-friend Cyndi. She’s not verbose about her thoughts on football, but let’s just say she’s not a fan. As I was chatting with her this week it got me thinking about how to make the most out of the game time for ALL guests. Now, since my dad has been a football fan my whole life I do realize that talking during the game, as well as during the brilliant commercials, is a no-no unless you’re discussing something having to do with the game itself. Like I said, I realize this, but it doesn’t always mean my actions follow suit. Nonetheless, I respect and uphold those who are truly there to enjoy the game.

And with that, I determined that “the best of both worlds” option would be a bingo game. It checks off all of the criteria for any guest no matter your love for or aversion to football. A Super Bowl Bingo! Not only does it encourage game-watching, but also gives those of us less-fanatic about football a chance to be involved while getting a little healthy competition and a social fix as well.

Print out these Bingo cards (click the image below). There are four different versions, and you can use a small cracker or a mini pretzel to mark out the squares as you play. You are going to be a Super Bowl party sensation and the favorite of all of your guests, footballers and socialites alike! GO TEAM!

2.2.14 super bowl bingo

2.2.14 super bowl bingo.4  2.2.14 super bowl bingo.3 

2.2.14 super bowl bingo.2  2.2.14 super bowl bingo.1

In that day a man will look to his Maker, And his eyes will have respect for the Holy One of Israel. | Isaiah 17:7


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