valentine’s day invitations {free printables}

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to par-tay! Being that I love planning events, and that I also happen to adore this splendid holiday, you can imagine how jubilant I was to plan this year’s Valentine’s Day Party (which you can see soon here!). Now, I’m a big fan of online invitations for all kinds of things, and that’s what I did for this year’s event. However, I’m an ol’ fashioned kind of gal and am a sucker for a festive paper invitation. Besides, who doesn’t like getting something in the mail that says, “Come party!”

That said, I’ve create this batch of Valentine’s Day Party Invitations, complete with envelope seals for that Valentine’s touch. Just click on the images below, print onto cardstock, and get your party started this Valentine’s Day! {Note: labels are 2″ in diameter to be used with Avery clear round labels #22825.)

2.3.14 valentine's invites_all


2.3.14 valentine's party invites.1

2.3.14 valentine's day invites.3

2.3.14 valentine's day invites.2

2.3.14 valentine's party invites.1_label  2.3.14 valentine's day invites.3_labels  2.3.14 valentine's day invites.2_label

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. | Psalm 23:5


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