engagement party invitations & decorations

'Tis the season for love! My husband and I have several adult-kids we've "adopted" over the last several years, and two of them have recently gotten engaged. Yay! Cyndi, who I have been a spiritual mom/mentor to for the past 4-5 years, got engaged to Brian, who just moved here to Nashville last summer and … Continue reading engagement party invitations & decorations


housewarming gift + invitations + we’ve moved postcards

Maybe it's the fact that I'm pining a bit for spring (it snowed this morning... well, almost), or maybe it's that several people in my life are looking to buy new homes, but I love the idea of throwing a house warming party. There's nothing like lavishing love and gifts on friends who just dropped … Continue reading housewarming gift + invitations + we’ve moved postcards

feature: kelli trontel & a house warming party

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I love a good party. There are several younger people in our lives who are finding one another, getting engaged and then married, and having babies. It's a wonderful time of life. And, I'm excited for some of them to begin the process … Continue reading feature: kelli trontel & a house warming party

diy paper lanterns

I'm not only a party-nista in my home, but I attend a church that throws a great party as well. With so many creative friends in our church family, each event is sure to have some WOW factor goin' on. Last year was our church's 20th anniversary and I co-hosted a soiree with my kindred … Continue reading diy paper lanterns

using labels the right way

Since we entertain in our home A LOT, I keep lots of little helpful items in stock to make it super simple to throw a party or event together. I have a credenza stocked to the brim with table linens, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and the like. A couple years ago at Christmas time … Continue reading using labels the right way

diy shower favors

As a blogger, sometimes I feel like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and you're just coming along for the ride. "These are a few of my favorite things" plays in the background as I scribe about my favorite creations, gifts, events, food, etc. If I could dance while typing, you can believe I … Continue reading diy shower favors

complete baby shower checklist {free + printable}

I've hosted a few parties and showers recently {which you can see here} that were smashing successes (at least, I think so!). There's quite a bit that goes into planning a party or a shower, especially when it's upwards of 30 people. There's the food, the decor, the games, the gifts, the guests, the invitations, … Continue reading complete baby shower checklist {free + printable}

baby {boy} shower ideas

'Tis the season for babies, babies and more babies! YAY! It's a wonderful thing to watch a mama prepare for her little bundle of joy to arrive. A few weeks ago I got to join other creative ladies in planning another shower for a soon-to-be-mama in our church, only this time it's a boy! I … Continue reading baby {boy} shower ideas

party planning 101 {with printable checklist}

One of my all time favorite hobbies (if you can call it that) is party and event planning. I love the prep, the invitations, the food, the decor, the people. Love. It. All. I recently hosted a Baby Girl Shower, as well as a Valentine's Card Party, and you'll see my party planning love in … Continue reading party planning 101 {with printable checklist}

diy valentine’s card party

Drum roll please! My DIY Valentine's Card Party is finally here. Each year for as long as I've lived in Franklin, my sister Dana has hosted a DIY Valentine's Card Party. She is to crafting what Beethoven was to composing. Genius. I love getting to watch her in action as she's creating. She's cool, calm … Continue reading diy valentine’s card party