spring cleaning series :: quick tips for organizing your closet

Ever since I got a walk in closet I’ve noticed that every 10 days or so it becomes a disaster area. Clothes don’t quite make it in the hamper, shoes get tossed about, belts get hung from anything they’ll hang onto. What a mess. I, for one, don’t function well when my surroundings are in disarray. It’s difficult for me to even begin a project or sit and enjoy a cup of coffee if my home isn’t somewhat organized. However, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take much to take things from chaos to calm. Thus, let me share with you some quick and easy tips for organizing your closet space that will really help you feel at ease as you go about your day!

Organizing closet

First, one of the easiest and fastest ways to feel at peace about your closet is by simply changing out the hangers so that they are all a uniform look. Having the same hangers for all of your clothes will instantly make a difference in the feel of your closet because it gives it that ‘put together’ look.

closet 2

My hubs and I go through clothes each week like nobody’s business. You’d think we change five times a day, but we don’t. Saturdays are generally devoted to laundry, but sometimes we push it to Monday (which is our day off) if the weekend is filled with other activities. One of the best ways I’ve found to organize in the closet is by having a hamper dedicated for the man of the house, one for me, and one for both of our light colored clothes, since neither of us have as many lights as we do darks.

closet 1

In order to make more room to hang clothes a good simplify is to “daisy chain” your skirts, pants and shorts. It’s a breeze to do and keeps things neat and tidy, while still making them easy to get to.

closet 3

I used to be a shoe fiend addict hoarder enthusiast, so finding a good way to display all of my shoes so I could quickly and easily pick out what to wear with my outfit was key. I’ve since downsized my shoe collection quite a bit to just the basics, but I still swear by these shoe caddies. They are easy to hang up and have plenty of space for this shoe-shopping gal.

closet 4

And what about all of those fantastic belts? No problem. Just get yourself a belt rack or belt hanger and voila! They’re neatly stored with easy access.

closet 5

With these easy and quick tips, your closet will be serene in no time at all! For more organization tips and ideas, visit my organize page here.

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little. | Isaiah 28:10


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