top 10 easy decorating tips

If you've been to my home more than once you know that I love to decorate, and re-decorate, and then decorate again. I appreciate change, particularly changing season to season. So it's no surprise that this comes out in my home decor style as well. I don't consider myself an expert like that super tall … Continue reading top 10 easy decorating tips


organize it: the pantry

As a homeowner there are just a handful of things in our home that if/when we ever move into a different home I will likely have a little checklist of possible "upgrades" from our current home. One such item is our pantry. I am so grateful to have one! However, our little pantry is just … Continue reading organize it: the pantry

how to pack + diy luggage tags

Since recently taking a few short trips, luggage and packing have been on the brain. I had the chance to go to the women's retreat with ladies from my church at the beginning of April (you can read about it here), and then this last weekend got to vacay in Atlanta with the hubs. Both … Continue reading how to pack + diy luggage tags

diy bathroom containers

I go through cotton swabs like a a mole in a carrot patch. I use them daily for everything from getting the excess mascara off my lids to cleaning the corners of the bathroom vanity. There are endless ways these little cotton-y inventions can be used. As such, they need to be handy and accessible … Continue reading diy bathroom containers

spring cleaning series :: under the kitchen sink

Sometimes looking under the kitchen sink can be like looking at a mini junkyard right in your own home. The good news is, it doesn't have to be the place your old sponges and empty bottles of dish soap go to die. Organization can be very simple if you follow one simple rule: out with … Continue reading spring cleaning series :: under the kitchen sink

spring cleaning series :: linen closet

We've had such a full winter season. I have a truck load of home improvement, organization and cleaning projects that I'm planning on completing by summer time, so I'm getting started on my Spring Cleaning Series a little earlier than planned. First up on the project list was to clean out and organize my linen … Continue reading spring cleaning series :: linen closet

the mother of all spring cleaning list

Happy first day of March! Only 20 more days until spring. Somebody shout a HALELUJAH to that! Springtime always gives me that sense of readiness, aliveness, expectant-ness, and a bunch of other -ness words I can't seem to think of right now. It's a time for new life and new vision. A time for warmth … Continue reading the mother of all spring cleaning list

how to organize your recipes + free printables

I've loved getting to discover new recipes over the last several months since going paleo. It's so interesting, but my pallet has even changed. Granted, I still love sweet treats every so often, but my tastes have morphed to appreciate the paleo way. Since the hubs is the main chef in our home, he has … Continue reading how to organize your recipes + free printables

packing tips :: weekend trip

My hubs and I are going away for the weekend for some much needed refreshment with one another and with the Lord. Can. Not. Wait. If I don't respond to your calls, texts, emails or smoke signals, that's why. ;) A few years ago prior to marriage I was impressed by the Lord to consider … Continue reading packing tips :: weekend trip

top 10 apps to get organized today

I realize that not everyone feels the same way I do about organization, or lists, or schedules. Nonetheless, we all need a little help keeping tabs on the day-to-day activities of life. Since I love organization, and since I'm all for helping others get more organized, here are the top 10 apps to get organized … Continue reading top 10 apps to get organized today