diy paint chip calendar

Several months ago I was walking through the paint section at Home Depot admiring all of the fabulous colors displayed in paint chips. It’s like a work of art. I got to thinking there must be something awesome I can make with paint chips, right? I mean they’re FREE, and they’re colorful, and you can take as many as you want. I found a few really cute ideas on Pinterest (you can see them here on my Pinterest board). A bookmark (but I read on my iPad), a wreath (but where would I put it?), a mobile (I don’t have kids). But then I came across the perfect idea: a paint chip calendar!

2.26.14 diy calendar 4

It’s super easy. All you need is 30-34 paint chips (colors of your choice), a picture frame, and scrapbook paper (pattern or color of your choice). I got my paint chips from Home Depot in an array of colors. My picture frame is from Goodwill for about $5, but you can also grab a poster frame from Target (24″x36″) for just $10 (that’s the one below with the Eiffel Tower). Then just get scrapbook paper of your choosing from your favorite crafting store like The Hob. I chose a navy blue and white chevron for mine.

2.26.14 diy calendar 5

Here’s what to do:

  • Open the back of your frame and use the inside panel of the backing or the glass as your template.
  • Arrange your scrapbook pages so that they cover the entire space of the frame backing or glass. Depending on your pattern, you will likely need to line things up so that the edges of each piece of scrapbook paper match up. Once it’s arranged how you want it, then use some clear tape to secure the papers in place.
  • Now take your paint chips and line them up however you’d like your calendar to look. I chose to do 4 rows down and 8 columns across simply because I didn’t want to cut the paint chips smaller to make 5 rows.
  • Once the paint chips are arranged the way you’d like them to look, secure each one with clear tape to the scrapbook background.
  • Once everything is set, place your scrapbook/paint chip creation inside the frame. Secure the back of the frame and you’re done!

Mine is hanging near our laundry room with a little basket to hold the dry erase markers and eraser. It’s so convenient, very functional, and cute, too!

IMG_0067 IMG_0054 IMG_0050

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