diy paper lanterns

I’m not only a party-nista in my home, but I attend a church that throws a great party as well. With so many creative friends in our church family, each event is sure to have some WOW factor goin’ on. Last year was our church’s 20th anniversary and I co-hosted a soiree with my kindred party-planning friend, Kendra. We track together when it comes to events, decor, and all things party-ish. She recently discovered these festive and colorful diy paper lanterns that were used for a fancy missions dinner.

2.27.14 diy paper lanterns

They’re very Anthropologie-esque (Anthropologie = cornucopia of decor inspiration). They’re easy to put together and they cost little to nothing to make.

Here are the supplies you need:

  • 8×10 or 12×12 size scrapbook paper sheets (number depends on how many lanterns you want to make; one sheet per lantern)
  • Colored paper sheets (again, dependent on how many lanterns you want to make; these are for the strips at the top and bottom of the lantern)
  • Paper cutter
  • Stapler
  • Clear tape

lantern supplies

And here’s how to make these lanterns:

  • Using the paper cutter, starting 1-inch from the left-side of the paper, cut slits 1-inch apart all the way across to the right-side of the paper. Slits should start 1-inch from the top and continue to 1-inch from the bottom of the paper. (If you’re using 8×10 size paper, make sure that you’re looking at the paper in landscape view, not portrait view.)
  • Once all slits are cut, make a cylinder with the paper so the slits are vertical.
  • Staple the top and the bottom of the cylinder where the edges of the paper come together.
  • Now cut the colored scrapbook paper sheets into 2″ strips.
  • Attach a colored strip to the top and bottom of each cylinder to cover up the staples. Attach the edges of the colored strip with a piece of clear tape.

Presto! Simple party lanterns for your next event, shower or soiree!

lantern 1 IMG_0049

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. | Matthew 5:16


6 thoughts on “diy paper lanterns

  1. I love these. Some of these paper lanterns can be super expensive in store but these seem really easy to make!! Definitely pinning this for a future party. Stopping by form the SITS girls linky!

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