liebster award nomination

If you’ve been trackin’ with me since the beginning, you might remember when I was nominated for the Sunshine Award back in January 2014. (If you missed it, you can read about it here!) Well, I’ve been nominated for another award… yay! This time it’s for the Liebster Award (which you can read more about here). Essentially these blogosphere awards are simply a way to support and promote fellow bloggers. Isn’t that so great?!


Thanks to my sweet blogger friend Celina over at Sprinkles, Sparkles & {Mostly} Sugar Free who nominated me! She’s got some awesome creations you need to go check out, like this fantastic refurbished office chair (see how she did it here!).

sprinkles sparkles and sugar free_chair refurb

Now onto the nomination! Celina sent me 11 questions to answer for your reading and getting-to-know-me pleasure. :)

  1. What made you decide to start blogging? | I have the privilege of being a mentor and mom to several young(er) women at my church, and as I came into 2014 I felt the Lord direct me to begin blogging as a place to impart to them all that has been imparted to me as a Bible-believing woman and the heart of my home. This blog serves as just one of a few ways I get to do that!
  2. What is your favorite hobby? | Watching movies with my husband and wandering the aisles at Hobby Lobby.
  3. If money was not an issue what would you like to do for the rest of your life? | Pastor and mentor young people, give to people who don’t have, create diy projects and blog about them, of course! ;)
  4. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie? | If you’d asked me that two years ago I would say watch a movie, hands down. But today, I’ve really come to love and appreciate reading, so they’re about tied.
  5. What is your favorite meal? | Be it NOT paleo at all, anything Italian!
  6. What is something that not many people know about you? | I was on a childhood TV show for three episodes in the 70’s called “Romper Room.” #Diva.
  7. Dogs or cats? | Definitely dogs! Have you seen my adorable puppy, Oliver?!
  8. What is your favorite song? | At the moment, “I Need You” by Matt Maher.
  9. What is your biggest fear? | That Christians around the world will capitulate to the culture and be rendered ineffective to further God’s kingdom into the hearts of those who don’t yet know him.
  10. Sweet, Salty, or Sour? | 1) Sweet 2) Salty 3) Only sour if it comes with sweet!
  11. Who do you look up to the most? And why? | I’d have to say this is a tough one because of all of the people who have poured into my life! So, the safe, and still true, answer is my parents. They have never held back and have always given their best in life and for me as their daughter. Love them!

Now it’s my turn to nominate! {Y’all who are being nominated can just answer the same questions I did above!}

  1. Made By Molu
  2. Double Door Ranch
  3. Put A Bird On It
  4. Through The Mirror
  5. Tall Socks & Polka Dots
  6. The Knoxville Holts
  7. Cute Kid Ugly House
  8. Captivating Corner
  9. Food And Swine
  10. Simply Me
  11. Everybody Loves Pretty

Happy to give a shout out to all of these awesome bloggers. Go check ’em out!

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. | Proverbs 22:9


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