my anniversary + wedding invitations from nashville

Today is my second anniversary! {Happy anniversary, hubsy!} Some days I can’t believe it’s already been two whole years, and other days I can’t believe it’s only been two little years. I absolutely adore my husband and am beyond grateful to spend the rest of my days with him. He is my favorite!


As I mentioned last month when I shared my engagement party invitations and wedding planners with you, we have the privilege of being closely involved in the engagement season of two newly engaged couples. They will soon be choosing their own wedding invitations, so it’s inspired me to share with you a collection of my favorite wedding invitations from Etsy. All of these designers are from Nashville and do some incredible work. I also thought I’d share one of my own recent creations to start us off.

Wedding Invitation_bright floral

>>> Bright Floral Wedding Invitation | The Refurbished Life

townley designs

>>> Chalkboard Wedding Invitation | Townley Designs

handmade by tim

>>> Turquoise & White Wedding Invitation | Handmade By Tim

tennessee weddings

>>> Sunglasses Wedding Invitation | Tennessee Weddings

tennessee weddings 2

>>> Colorful Hipster Chevron Wedding Invitations | Tennessee Weddings


>>> Sophisticated Vintage Floral Shower Invitation | Paperseal

{I know that last one isn’t a wedding invitation, but I just thought it was so pretty!}

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. | Genesis 2:24


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