diy jewelry tray

I am a sucker for a great deal, especially when it comes to jewelry. I love shopping at Forever21 and Charming Charlie for jewelry, both for me and for gifts for friends. I think I like these costume jewelry shops because, a) they’re ridiculously affordable, and b) I change up my jewelry with frequency. Plus, I love it when someone compliments something I’m wearing and I get to take it off and give it to them. Such a treat!

Although I have great jewelry storage solutions for most everything, I have a couple of pairs of earrings that won’t hang on my jewelry holder. So, I headed to Goodwill to get a plain dish that I could transform into a jewelry tray. I found this cute wooden dish that had some scratches and marks on it for just 99 cents. Boom!

diy jewelry tray

I also had some left over doilies from an Anthropologie-style vase I made a while back (see it here), so I thought I’d use them to give the jewelry dish a little texture. I lightly glued the doilies to the tray and let the glue dry.

diy jewelry tray

diy jewelry tray

Then I grabbed one of my favorite colors of spray paint, metallic gold, and got to spraying.

diy jewelry tray diy jewelry tray

It turned out so cute and it’s perfect for the earrings that needed a home!

5.5.14 diy jewelry tray

Also, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Don’t forget to check out some of my Cinco de Mayo finds here!

Neither gold nor crystal can equal it, Nor can it be exchanged for jewelry of fine gold. No mention shall be made of coral or quartz, For the price of wisdom is above rubies. | Job 28:17-18


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