diy craft paper candles

I am loving spring. It’s sunny, somewhat breezy, all the flowers are blooming like crazy and the pool opens this weekend! So much to enjoy and look forward to. I’ve been doing quite a bit of crafting the last several weeks, as you may have noticed. I feel like a kid in a candy shop anytime I go to Goodwill or the Dollar Tree. Last weekend I did a little yard sale-ing with my bargain-buddy, Janelle. She and I both appreciate the hunt for a treasure among the myriad of cast-offs at yard sales and the like. As we followed Siri on my iPhone to our last destination, Siri didn’t quite lead us to the yard sale we’d hoped and instead landed us in the Goodwill parking lot. Go figure. So, to Goodwill we went!

As Janelle’s son, Ethan, found some new friends in the toy aisle, Janelle and I strolled through the housewares aisles and I came across these fantastic candles on sale for just 99 cents.

diy craft paper candles

They are similar to ones I’ve seen at the Dollar Tree except they’re not as narrow, which I like much better. I brought them home and chose some of my favorite scrapbook paper to decorate them for spring. I put the candle down on the paper to mark where I needed to cut in order to make the paper the right height for the candle. Then, I simply cut the scrapbook paper into strips and used my trusty Mod Podge to adhere them to the outside of each candle.

diy craft paper candles diy craft paper candles

After the Mod Podge process was done, I rolled them on the table just to give them one last good press and to smooth them out a bit.


The beauty of these candles is that they were so plain and just screaming to become something more spectacular. In just under 30 minutes, they were complete and ready to adorn some naked shelf in my house.

diy craft paper candles  diy craft paper candles5.14.14 diy craft paper candles

Homemaker’s tip: be sure to cut the wicks of your candles shorter each time you light them, otherwise you might end up with a nasty soot mark on your wall or ceiling. 

Happy crafting to you!

And he made its seven lamps, its wick-trimmers, and its trays of pure gold. | Exodus 37:23


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