luggage tags winter

Although I was born and raised in sunny, Central California, I have always loved winter-y weather. You know, crisp air, gray skies,  and snow! When I was young, my family would travel from the beachy goodness of Santa Cruz up to more northern parts in Lake Tahoe. I remember learning how to ski when I was about six years old. My sister and I went through the lesson and then refused to go on the chairlift until my dad returned for us. So, the instructor parked us at the bottom of the lift where we sat and ate handfuls of white, fluffy snow until my dad came careening down the hill to our rescue. Sufficed to say, it took a couple years before I actually mastered the dismount from the chairlift! But I love that snowy-weather sensation – bundled up, nose freezing, seeing your breath, holding a cup of tasty hot chocolate. It almost doesn’t get better than that!

As you travel this winter, enjoy these printable winter-tastic luggage tags to keep tabs on your stuff!

1.6.14 Winter Luggage Tag.3

1.6.14 Winter Luggage Tag.2

1.6.14 Winter Luggage Tag.1

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