graduation invitations {printable}

I can't believe my once-little nephew, Jacob, has graduated from 8th grade and will soon be FOURTEEN! He was such an adorable kid, and now he's this strapping, young man-child. *tear* I adore him. He's super intelligent, witty, and kind, and keeps me laughing a lot. Auntie Ronda is likely his biggest fan. Last week the … Continue reading graduation invitations {printable}


mother’s day gifts + cards

Mother's Day is coming soon. I am so grateful to have a mom who loves the Lord and raised me to love Him, too. My mom is a "Jill of all trades" kind of woman - she's amazing! She can pretty much do anything domestic like a champ. She taught me how to be the … Continue reading mother’s day gifts + cards

my anniversary + wedding invitations from nashville

Today is my second anniversary! {Happy anniversary, hubsy!} Some days I can't believe it's already been two whole years, and other days I can't believe it's only been two little years. I absolutely adore my husband and am beyond grateful to spend the rest of my days with him. He is my favorite!   As … Continue reading my anniversary + wedding invitations from nashville

a cupcake recipe + free cupcake printables

I'm super excited about this weekend coming up! I'll be headed to a retreat in Dickson, TN with some amazing women from church. I love retreats. I have the privilege of being on the planning team send it's always so fun for me to put details together behind the scenes that I'll then be able … Continue reading a cupcake recipe + free cupcake printables

table etiquette + free kitchen printables

Growing up I can remember sitting around the table practically every night for dinner. My mom would cook the most amazing meals (minus the lima beans), we would sit in our designated seats, pray and then dig in. I can remember sitting at the table for an unusually long amount of time until every lima … Continue reading table etiquette + free kitchen printables

free spring printable wall art

It's really trying to be spring here in Tennessee. Those poor trees outside don't know whether to bud or remain in their wintery state. Nevertheless, I'm ready for the freshness of spring, birds chirping, flowers blooming, allergies aplenty. I even don't mind a little spring rain. So refreshing. This time of year is just teaming … Continue reading free spring printable wall art

happy st. patty’s day printables

Top-o-the-mornin' to you! Because of the western fascination with leprechauns and luck on this green-laden holiday, you may not realize that St. Patrick's Day was actually established to commemorate the life of St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity to Ireland. Huh. Interesting. As such, I wanted to celebrate today, and my Irish roots, with … Continue reading happy st. patty’s day printables

housewarming gift + invitations + we’ve moved postcards

Maybe it's the fact that I'm pining a bit for spring (it snowed this morning... well, almost), or maybe it's that several people in my life are looking to buy new homes, but I love the idea of throwing a house warming party. There's nothing like lavishing love and gifts on friends who just dropped … Continue reading housewarming gift + invitations + we’ve moved postcards

spring cleaning series :: linen closet

We've had such a full winter season. I have a truck load of home improvement, organization and cleaning projects that I'm planning on completing by summer time, so I'm getting started on my Spring Cleaning Series a little earlier than planned. First up on the project list was to clean out and organize my linen … Continue reading spring cleaning series :: linen closet

the mother of all spring cleaning list

Happy first day of March! Only 20 more days until spring. Somebody shout a HALELUJAH to that! Springtime always gives me that sense of readiness, aliveness, expectant-ness, and a bunch of other -ness words I can't seem to think of right now. It's a time for new life and new vision. A time for warmth … Continue reading the mother of all spring cleaning list