diy garland home decor

Since I like changing things up on a regular basis (sorry hubs!) I’m usually on the lookout for ways to add some pizzazz to my living room or sunroom. My husband has become accustomed to making returns at our local home decor stores. I think they might know him on a first name basis. One of the most simple ways to bring a little effervescence to your home without spending a ton of money is with a well placed do-it-yourself garland. They’re great for parties and holidays (like this Valentine’s Day garland), but there are also some beauties that can be displayed year-round. I spent a little time on Pinterest and found some of my favorites. Simple. Practical. Boo-yah!

2.6.14 diy garland

ONE: “Read Everyday Garland” {See the “how to” at}

diy garland.1

TWO: “Pom-Pom Garland” {See the “how to” at} :: You can do this one in an array of colors, even metallics would be cool!

diy garland.2

THREE: “Cupcake Garland” {See the “how to” at} :: This one would be great in a little girl’s bedroom!

diy garland.3

FOUR: “Gold Feather Garland” {See the “how to” at} :: This one is my FAVORITE, and it’s so elegant and chic! {And I even have that gold owl in brown!}

diy garland.4

That feather garland might make an appearance this spring in the Waters’ home. Whether you’re hosting a party or just needing to amp up an empty space, don’t be afraid to step out into garland-land!

Then adorn yourself with majesty and splendor, And array yourself with glory and beauty. | Job 40:10


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