spring cleaning series :: linen closet

We’ve had such a full winter season. I have a truck load of home improvement, organization and cleaning projects that I’m planning on completing by summer time, so I’m getting started on my Spring Cleaning Series a little earlier than planned.

spring cleaning refurbished life

First up on the project list was to clean out and organize my linen closet. It’s a tiny little space between my husband’s office and our second bedroom. It’s narrow with only four shelves so I have to be selective on what to keep and what to throw/give away. I’m a firm believer in only keeping what is necessary, so clearing it out wasn’t a problem. Here’s what it looked like before I attacked it with my organization skills.

linen closet before

I started by pulling everything out of the closet. Then I went through all of the towels, sheets and blankets and weeded out anything that was dingy or had snags. It’s important that my guests have crisp, clean, spot-free, snag-free linens and towels when they visit. Once I rid the closet of anything less than guest-friendly, I washed everything to keep it fresh. After a good washing, I folded and re-stacked everything in a visually pleasing way, keeping sets together on the same shelves. I put the pillows up top and comforters down below since those aren’t used as often as the towels. The result is so satisfying. Organized. Purposed. User-friendly.

linen closet after

I also created labels for each of the shelves so that the hubs and our daughter, Macey, know exactly where to find things (and where to put them after the wash!).

linen closet organization

The labels are easy to use. Just download, print, laminate if you’ve got access to a laminator, and tape or tack to the shelf. Here’s what I created so you can use them in your own linen closet.

2.26.14 linen closet labels_pillows 2.26.14 linen closet labels_guest towles 2.26.14 linen closet labels_personal towels 2.26.14 linen closet labels_blankets 2.26.14 linen closet labels_sheets

Assuming you’re looking forward to spring cleaning in your own home (versus dreading it!), what are you going to tackle first?

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert. | Isaiah 43:19


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