“Lalu Chicken” (a.k.a., parmesan encrusted chicken)

Each month we invite our spiritual kids over for a family dinner to catch up and stay in touch with each other. My parents, affectionately named Papa and Lalu by my nephews, join us each month as well. There's always great food, tons of laughs, and usually some mildly and unintentionally inappropriate comments made by … Continue reading “Lalu Chicken” (a.k.a., parmesan encrusted chicken)

oat-less oatmeal + vibey vacation

The hubs and I, along with my parents, are on vacation this week. Woo to the hoo! I've been so looking forward to some rest and relaxation for quite some time, and so far this week has been just that. No schedule. Awesome weather. Scrumptious eats. I love times like this! As we've been enjoying … Continue reading oat-less oatmeal + vibey vacation

paleo carbonara

Happy Saturday! This recipe for a paleo carbonara is just what the doctor ordered for the perfect summertime meal. Sit on the deck, watch the fireflies and enjoy this delicious dinner! xo Ronda

coffee rubbed skirt steak + pineapple chutney

It's June, and that means lots of grilling will be in my future! We're hosting several outdoor parties this summer so I'm stocking up on my recipes for the grill. Today's specialty came from my mom. She's a master chef (okay, not officially, but definitely in our family!). Get ready for coffee rubbed skirt steak … Continue reading coffee rubbed skirt steak + pineapple chutney

paleo chicken salad {plus “baconaise”}

With summer upon us soon, I've been craving some summertime favorites like homemade ice cream, grilled zucchini, cole slaw and of course, chicken salad. Many of these favs have definitely transformed in our home since eating paleo, but it's so awesome that the new-and-improved versions are still yummy and summer-satisfying! We recently busted out the … Continue reading paleo chicken salad {plus “baconaise”}

simple salmon + asparagus

We had our good sister-friend Amy over for dinner earlier this week to thank her (finally!) for taking our Christmas photos last year. She's an amazing photographer (you can see her work here!), and a dear friend. We decided on one of our favorites: salmon with asparagus. Yum with yum. This is one of the … Continue reading simple salmon + asparagus

yummy cream of broc-cauli soup

Here in the Nashville area it's been a roller coaster of weather patterns this winter. Nonetheless, there's nothing better on a cloudy, cold, snowy or rainy day than a warm bowl of soup. My hubs makes the best soup. He's the king of throwing some ingredients into broth and making it explode with flavor. As … Continue reading yummy cream of broc-cauli soup

paleo meal plan: march 2014

It's been such a treat (literally) to enjoy so many paleo sweeties during my February Sweet Treats Series. Who knew paleo could be so delicious and decadent, satisfying the collective sweet tooth in our home?! I hope you enjoyed eating through the month with us. We ended up having quite a few meals out because … Continue reading paleo meal plan: march 2014

paleo meal plan: february 2014

I was super excited that so many of you found my paleo meal plan from January and that it was a big hit for you! We REALLY enjoyed the honey chicken thighs... yum, yum, yum! I've generally not been a big lover of the dark meat, but those chicken thighs made a convert out of … Continue reading paleo meal plan: february 2014

paleo meal plan: january 2014

My husband is an amazing cook. Cooking is for him what shopping is for me. It relaxes him, helps him focus, gives him a creative outlet. And can I just say how ecstatic I was to discover in our courtship that the man loves to cook AND he's good at it?!?! He chops and purees … Continue reading paleo meal plan: january 2014