paleo carbonara

Happy Saturday! This recipe for a paleo carbonara is just what the doctor ordered for the perfect summertime meal. Sit on the deck, watch the fireflies and enjoy this delicious dinner! xo Ronda

crazy good blueberry cobbler

I almost called this post "slap yo' mama good blueberry cobbler," but I love my mama too much to call it that! :) I have to confess, I am not the world's biggest fan of blueberries, but seriously this recipe is CRAZY GOOD! And, guess what? It's paleo, too! To make this delectable dessert, here's … Continue reading crazy good blueberry cobbler

coffee rubbed skirt steak + pineapple chutney

It's June, and that means lots of grilling will be in my future! We're hosting several outdoor parties this summer so I'm stocking up on my recipes for the grill. Today's specialty came from my mom. She's a master chef (okay, not officially, but definitely in our family!). Get ready for coffee rubbed skirt steak … Continue reading coffee rubbed skirt steak + pineapple chutney

grilled peaches & ice cream

I realize Memorial Day has passed, but I just want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank all of the brave men and women who have served, currently serve, and will continue to serve our country faithfully. May the Lord's protection and grace be upon them. For our Memorial Day celebration we headed over … Continue reading grilled peaches & ice cream

paleo chicken salad {plus “baconaise”}

With summer upon us soon, I've been craving some summertime favorites like homemade ice cream, grilled zucchini, cole slaw and of course, chicken salad. Many of these favs have definitely transformed in our home since eating paleo, but it's so awesome that the new-and-improved versions are still yummy and summer-satisfying! We recently busted out the … Continue reading paleo chicken salad {plus “baconaise”}

simple salmon + asparagus

We had our good sister-friend Amy over for dinner earlier this week to thank her (finally!) for taking our Christmas photos last year. She's an amazing photographer (you can see her work here!), and a dear friend. We decided on one of our favorites: salmon with asparagus. Yum with yum. This is one of the … Continue reading simple salmon + asparagus

a cupcake recipe + free cupcake printables

I'm super excited about this weekend coming up! I'll be headed to a retreat in Dickson, TN with some amazing women from church. I love retreats. I have the privilege of being on the planning team send it's always so fun for me to put details together behind the scenes that I'll then be able … Continue reading a cupcake recipe + free cupcake printables

tasty grain-free bread

Since Easter is approaching, I've been thinking about our Easter meal. We'll be gathering at my parents, and mom will likely make the most delicious ham you've ever tasted (seriously!), and some healthier version of scalloped potatoes, seeing as they're one of dad's favs. Since going paleo, I miss bread. I mean, like a lot. … Continue reading tasty grain-free bread

easy bake grain-free crackers

Since eating paleo-style, my hubs and I have really missed the "crunch" of chips, crackers and all things bread-like. If God's grace wasn't available to us both, I think we would've pitched the paleo idea after day one! :) However, as we have done a little investigative work over the last several months, we've found … Continue reading easy bake grain-free crackers