free spring backgrounds

Is anyone else ready for spring? As a California girl who actually looovvvveesss the winter months here in Tennessee, I’m hankering for some spring-time weather (it’s been such a tease this week with 60+ degrees every day!). As is the case most years, Tennessee is completely fickle when it comes to winter, and especially as we approach the spring. I’ve been dressing in layers every day since you never know what the weather will do here. A beautiful 75 degrees in the morning with a frigid 20 degrees in the evening? This is not unusual meteorological behavior for the Nashville area.

But on the brighter side of things, spring is only four weeks away… yippie! As much as I’ve wanted snow all winter (real snow… like North Dakota snow), I can feel myself looking forward to beautiful blooms, t-shirt weather, and the sound of sweet little birds chirping outside my window (Sound of Music anyone?)!

To help you keep the faith about spring’s soon-to-be arrival, I’ve created some inspiration for you (including a little St. Pat’s love) that will cheer you right up out of that wintery whine. Simply click on each image below to download, save as your spring-time desktop background, and spring will be here in no time at all. {And don’t forget that March 9 is Daylight Savings, so turn your clocks forward one hour the night before!}

2.28.14 spring desktop 2.28.14 spring desktop 2 2.28.14 spring desktop 3


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