engagement party invitations & decorations

‘Tis the season for love! My husband and I have several adult-kids we’ve “adopted” over the last several years, and two of them have recently gotten engaged. Yay! Cyndi, who I have been a spiritual mom/mentor to for the past 4-5 years, got engaged to Brian, who just moved here to Nashville last summer and has quickly become a part of our family as well. And, Mark, who my husband has been a spiritual dad/mentor to for the past 7-8 years, got engaged to Jade, who we also consider a daughter and is a wonderful match for Mark. Our lives have been a buzz of excitement for weeks now, and we’re super excited about helping them build their lives together.

I also put together a few decorations for the festivities to celebrate their engagements. For Cyndi and Brian, I did these cake toppers and garland, both DIY and both super quick and easy. I just attached the cake toppers to lolly pop sticks and the garland with jute string.

For Mark and Jade, we actually had the privilege of also setting up their engagement site. Mark is a chiropractor and opening his business soon in our town, so we set up the proposal in his newly-leased office space. The garland is cut out circles attached with jute string and I got the letters “J” and “M” from Michael’s for $1 each. Easy-cheesy.

In addition to all of this decorating, I got inspired to create a few engagement party invitations. We ended up using Evite for these parties, but if we’d had more time I totally would’ve done paper invitations. I love sending (and receiving!) an actual invitation via post mail. Click on the images below to purchase any of these invitations hosted on my Etsy shop. Now for some wedding planning (more on that to come!)!3.19.14 engagement party invite 1_roses

3.19.14 engagement party invite 2_chevron

Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding. | John 2:2


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