spring cleaning series :: quick tips for organizing your closet

Ever since I got a walk in closet I’ve noticed that every 10 days or so it becomes a disaster area. Clothes don’t quite make it in the hamper, shoes get tossed about, belts get hung from anything they’ll hang onto. What a mess. I, for one, don’t function well when my surroundings are in … More spring cleaning series :: quick tips for organizing your closet

jewelry organizer diy

A favorite gift of mine (to give and receive!) is jewelry. Recently a Charming Charlie opened up in Franklin. WHAT?!?! I was super excited since it is the cornucopia of all things beautiful when it comes to accessories. Now, I’m not really a fine jewelry person. In fact, the only pieces of fine jewelry I own are … More jewelry organizer diy

cleaning 101

There is just nothing more calming, more soothing, more satisfying than a clean space. Anyone with me on that? Well, if you aren’t, that’s alright. I know I’ve got some good company in the “clean your space, change your life” arena! Growing up, I was not the tidiest of kids. I spilled constantly. I was … More cleaning 101