spring cleaning series :: quick tips for organizing your closet

Ever since I got a walk in closet I've noticed that every 10 days or so it becomes a disaster area. Clothes don't quite make it in the hamper, shoes get tossed about, belts get hung from anything they'll hang onto. What a mess. I, for one, don't function well when my surroundings are in … Continue reading spring cleaning series :: quick tips for organizing your closet

10 FREE ways to decorate your home

I have some wonderful young women (many newly married... woo hoo!) in my life who ask me to help them decorate their homes. "OF COURSE!" is generally my response. And because many of them, and many of you, are kindred spirits in that we all want simple, inexpensive ideas on how to decorate, these tips … Continue reading 10 FREE ways to decorate your home

home organizing: 100+ tips for your entire house

Now, I realize that it's the mid of winter, BUT spring is still on it's way (March 20 to be exact, which also happens to be my hubs' birthday!). As such, I've already begun planning for some spring cleaning projects I'd like to get done in order to keep our home in tip-top shape, and … Continue reading home organizing: 100+ tips for your entire house

paleo meal plan: february 2014

I was super excited that so many of you found my paleo meal plan from January and that it was a big hit for you! We REALLY enjoyed the honey chicken thighs... yum, yum, yum! I've generally not been a big lover of the dark meat, but those chicken thighs made a convert out of … Continue reading paleo meal plan: february 2014

bathroom storage solution

Since being married it has occurred to me that I take up a lot more space than my husband. I use more hair product. I sleep with more pillows. I have more clothes. And the list goes on. When I moved in after our wedding (which, have I mentioned before that we are just in our … Continue reading bathroom storage solution

jewelry organizer diy

A favorite gift of mine (to give and receive!) is jewelry. Recently a Charming Charlie opened up in Franklin. WHAT?!?! I was super excited since it is the cornucopia of all things beautiful when it comes to accessories. Now, I'm not really a fine jewelry person. In fact, the only pieces of fine jewelry I own are … Continue reading jewelry organizer diy

cleaning 101

There is just nothing more calming, more soothing, more satisfying than a clean space. Anyone with me on that? Well, if you aren't, that's alright. I know I've got some good company in the "clean your space, change your life" arena! Growing up, I was not the tidiest of kids. I spilled constantly. I was … Continue reading cleaning 101