free spring backgrounds

Is anyone else ready for spring? As a California girl who actually looovvvveesss the winter months here in Tennessee, I'm hankering for some spring-time weather (it's been such a tease this week with 60+ degrees every day!). As is the case most years, Tennessee is completely fickle when it comes to winter, and especially as … Continue reading free spring backgrounds

st. patrick’s day fonts + font maker

St. Patty's Day is on the way. I don't usually do a lot to celebrate this Irish holiday, but it does make for some fun crafts and event decorations. Over any other graphic element, I'm a font gal. Typography is an art. You can do a lot with words as is, but add a great … Continue reading st. patrick’s day fonts + font maker

printable address labels

I love the lost art of letter writing. I would much prefer to write a letter, address it and throw a stamp on it than email or call. In fact, for the last several years since living in Tennessee, I have written a letter to each of my grandparents nearly every month (actually, come to … Continue reading printable address labels

how to organize your recipes + free printables

I've loved getting to discover new recipes over the last several months since going paleo. It's so interesting, but my pallet has even changed. Granted, I still love sweet treats every so often, but my tastes have morphed to appreciate the paleo way. Since the hubs is the main chef in our home, he has … Continue reading how to organize your recipes + free printables

packing tips :: weekend trip

My hubs and I are going away for the weekend for some much needed refreshment with one another and with the Lord. Can. Not. Wait. If I don't respond to your calls, texts, emails or smoke signals, that's why. ;) A few years ago prior to marriage I was impressed by the Lord to consider … Continue reading packing tips :: weekend trip

st. patrick’s day printables

I'm Irish. At least partly. I think I'm also Scottish, English and German as well, so not exactly a full blooded lassy! Nonetheless, I can remember many a St. Patty's Day when my mom would cook up a savory meal for this green barraged holiday, complete with corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. I didn't much … Continue reading st. patrick’s day printables

kids valentine cards | it’s a candy-free zone

The Motherboards has this awesome Kids Valentine Card idea just in time for the big day, and they’re all candy-free. Woot! Woot! More great ideas comin’ at ya this week in prep for V-day this Friday! :: xo Ronda


A lot of DIY Valentine’s Day kid’s cards do something cute with candy and I believe we literally can do better than that for our kids. Little plastic creatures from the dollar store are my fave kid’s craft element. You may have seen them on most of my cupcakes?? Here are three fun, healthy Valentines.

By: Liesbeth

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valentine’s day round-up: 99 great ideas

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, so I've been on a Valentine's Day pinning frenzy on Pinterest. Does anyone else feel like Pinterest is sometimes this never-ending explosion of creativity beyond your wildest dreams or capabilities? Well, I do. I'm not one of those people who spends every waking moment on Pinterest (though believe me, without … Continue reading valentine’s day round-up: 99 great ideas

diy valentine’s day decorative garland

I recently hosted a Valentine's Day Party (which you'll be able to see here). With myriads of options out there for Valentine's Day decorations, I decided to go with something simple yet festive. With all of the other party planning to do's on my checklist, simple = one less thing to worry about for the … Continue reading diy valentine’s day decorative garland

valentine’s day invitations {free printables}

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to par-tay! Being that I love planning events, and that I also happen to adore this splendid holiday, you can imagine how jubilant I was to plan this year's Valentine's Day Party (which you can see soon here!). Now, I'm a big fan of online invitations for all kinds … Continue reading valentine’s day invitations {free printables}