diy garland home decor

Since I like changing things up on a regular basis (sorry hubs!) I'm usually on the lookout for ways to add some pizzazz to my living room or sunroom. My husband has become accustomed to making returns at our local home decor stores. I think they might know him on a first name basis. One … Continue reading diy garland home decor

10 FREE ways to decorate your home

I have some wonderful young women (many newly married... woo hoo!) in my life who ask me to help them decorate their homes. "OF COURSE!" is generally my response. And because many of them, and many of you, are kindred spirits in that we all want simple, inexpensive ideas on how to decorate, these tips … Continue reading 10 FREE ways to decorate your home

diy painted bulletin board

These amazing mamas have some genius ideas for Re-blog Thursday! Their motto? “Why buy it when you can diy it?” Here’s a great project for your office, kids room or the command station in your kitchen. Simple and cheap, and who doesn’t love that?! :: xo Ronda


Continuing with Robin’s room, here’s an easy project that is both decorative and functional. A pinboard is not only a great way to display your child’s artwork – it’s a spot for items of importance like photos, party invitations, souvenirs and mementos.

By: Kimberly

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lighting up the world

It's "Reblog Tuesday" where you'll see the best of the best of some of what's going on in the blog-o-sphere! DIY projects, events, paleo-riffic ideas, organizing life and more! First up: Home Is What You Make It's "Lighting Up The World" DIY Globe Light. Enjoy! :: xo Ronda

diy valentine’s home project ideas

'Tis the season for L-O-V-E, and as such you're gonna want to share the love at home. My hubs is a romantic, so he's super-duper great at planning Valentine's dates. He knows I like surprises, so he'll usually keep the deets from me until the last minute (sometimes up until we're on our way to … Continue reading diy valentine’s home project ideas

how to style an empty space

I've always loved the idea of having a buffet in or near the dining room to display beautiful dishes, cake stands, trinkets, etc. It adds an elegance, a put-togetherness and really helps to synthesize a space. In our dining room I don't have room for a buffet, but a close alternative is this awesome credenza … Continue reading how to style an empty space

bathroom storage solution

Since being married it has occurred to me that I take up a lot more space than my husband. I use more hair product. I sleep with more pillows. I have more clothes. And the list goes on. When I moved in after our wedding (which, have I mentioned before that we are just in our … Continue reading bathroom storage solution

jewelry organizer diy

A favorite gift of mine (to give and receive!) is jewelry. Recently a Charming Charlie opened up in Franklin. WHAT?!?! I was super excited since it is the cornucopia of all things beautiful when it comes to accessories. Now, I'm not really a fine jewelry person. In fact, the only pieces of fine jewelry I own are … Continue reading jewelry organizer diy

decor tip: simple coasters

Whether I'm out and about getting my shopping fix (read: I have money) or just window shopping (read: I don't have money), I'm always on the lookout for simple decor items. You know, those items that you don't have to mess with or diy at all, that you can just set on a table or … Continue reading decor tip: simple coasters

decor tip: cool color contrast

Since the Pinterest phenomenon came about, I have easily been able to keep track of several of my favorite things! I know what I like, and I like a lot, apparently. However, one of the few things that has not, and dare I say, will not make it on my list of favorites is painting. … Continue reading decor tip: cool color contrast