diy wall art + my spring mantel

Spring will be official this week (woo hoo!), so I've cleared out the winter decor and ushered in the spring fantasticness. First up was the mantel. I have been keen on green this season, which isn't usually like me, so I was able to find these awesome plants with planters at Ikea. Next, I repurposed … Continue reading diy wall art + my spring mantel

diy sequin vase

As I write this, I'm sitting under the hair dryer at my hair salon waiting for my color to do it's magic. I love the sweet gal who does my hair, Nichole. She's spunky, kind-hearted and she totally knows what to do with the mop on my head. She also has an affinity for sparkle … Continue reading diy sequin vase

diy placemats

I've been on the hunt for some new placemats for quite some time now. I have our trusty day-to-day placemats: practical and stylish, but getting a little, shall we say, used. I love putting a table scape together complete with placemats to compliment the goodies on the table. So, in my quest for my yet … Continue reading diy placemats

diy bench cushions

I love rustic furniture (let's face it, I love all furniture). Some friends gave me a rustic-style bench for our entry way a few years ago. It's perfect for the space. I love the grain of the wood, the color, it's perfect. But since my hope is that people will actually sit on it from … Continue reading diy bench cushions

diy nautical mirror

I'm loving the nautical theme for this spring. It's clean, classic and simple to incorporate around the home. I recently wandered through the Dollar Tree up the street and found this mirror that clearly needed an upgrade. I've been wanting to create something nautical for a little while now, and this was the perfect "ginny … Continue reading diy nautical mirror

diy no sew pillows

I can remember taking a sewing class when I was in 7th grade. I made a bag, and probably an apron or something like it. I loved my home economics class. I felt so crafty and accomplished, like I could truly make anything. I've since strayed from sewing (read: I don't sew), but I have … Continue reading diy no sew pillows

diy shamrock plant pot + pennywise wednesday #9

I'm getting in gear for transforming my home decor for spring. There's always this little "pause" that happens around this time of year in switching over to the spring decor because of a little green holiday that falls on March 17. I'm an includer so I hate it when something or someone gets left out. … Continue reading diy shamrock plant pot + pennywise wednesday #9

diy paint chip calendar

Several months ago I was walking through the paint section at Home Depot admiring all of the fabulous colors displayed in paint chips. It's like a work of art. I got to thinking there must be something awesome I can make with paint chips, right? I mean they're FREE, and they're colorful, and you can … Continue reading diy paint chip calendar

diy spruced-up planters

Since winter has been so fickle it might as well be spring already! So get your gardening inspiration all geared up with these diy planters. Adorable! :: xo Ronda

my personal coffee break

Aren’t we all just ready for spring to….spring? It’s long past due, even though we’re still in February. I think we can all agree this has been an awful winter. In trying to take my mind off of winter, I decided to repurpose a couple of planters that I had at home.

For Valentine’s Day, I opted for plants, instead of the typical flowers that most people receive. I like flowers, but my favorite flower (an orchid) is not very easy to care for, especially when you live in a tundra-like state. Secondly, flowers don’t last very long. So, when my husband asked if I wanted flowers, I quickly told him I’d really prefer some plants. And as it turns out, plants are cheaper, too. He had me go with him to pick out the plants I wanted, and since I had these planters in mind (and I’d been thinking…

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diy gold gilded accents

I sort of went crazy with the gold accents this year. (Read: I diy'd, purchased, or somehow produced gold in every room in the house.) I love the look of gold accents. Shiny. Modern. Classy. Yes! It's a cool trend for this season and will bump up the glam factor in any room in your … Continue reading diy gold gilded accents