valentine’s cookie party with two sweeties

Since my hubs and I don't have kids of our own, we love getting to be uncle and auntie to many sweet li'l ones whose parents are in our lives. It's such an honor and a joy for us both to spend time with all these kiddos, and we like that it gives mommy and … Continue reading valentine’s cookie party with two sweeties

last minute diy valentine’s gifts for your love

Valentine's Day is TOMORROW, y'all! I thought I'd help you out by giving you a spectacular array of last minute diy Valentine's Day gifts for the one you love. This awesome blogger over at The Thinking Closet has some ideas that are easy and cute. Just click on the image above and you'll be on … Continue reading last minute diy valentine’s gifts for your love

kids valentine cards | it’s a candy-free zone

The Motherboards has this awesome Kids Valentine Card idea just in time for the big day, and they’re all candy-free. Woot! Woot! More great ideas comin’ at ya this week in prep for V-day this Friday! :: xo Ronda


A lot of DIY Valentine’s Day kid’s cards do something cute with candy and I believe we literally can do better than that for our kids. Little plastic creatures from the dollar store are my fave kid’s craft element. You may have seen them on most of my cupcakes?? Here are three fun, healthy Valentines.

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quick & simple diy valentine’s day idea

I'm bulking up the blog with lots of ideas for you for Valentine's Day! There will be a truck load of ideas later this week that I'll share with you, but for now here's an adorable (and easy!) idea I came across as I was perusing other WordPress sites this week. This sweet mama blogger … Continue reading quick & simple diy valentine’s day idea

party planning 101 {with printable checklist}

One of my all time favorite hobbies (if you can call it that) is party and event planning. I love the prep, the invitations, the food, the decor, the people. Love. It. All. I recently hosted a Baby Girl Shower, as well as a Valentine's Card Party, and you'll see my party planning love in … Continue reading party planning 101 {with printable checklist}

valentine’s day round-up: 99 great ideas

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, so I've been on a Valentine's Day pinning frenzy on Pinterest. Does anyone else feel like Pinterest is sometimes this never-ending explosion of creativity beyond your wildest dreams or capabilities? Well, I do. I'm not one of those people who spends every waking moment on Pinterest (though believe me, without … Continue reading valentine’s day round-up: 99 great ideas

diy valentine’s card party

Drum roll please! My DIY Valentine's Card Party is finally here. Each year for as long as I've lived in Franklin, my sister Dana has hosted a DIY Valentine's Card Party. She is to crafting what Beethoven was to composing. Genius. I love getting to watch her in action as she's creating. She's cool, calm … Continue reading diy valentine’s card party

diy valentine’s day decorative garland

I recently hosted a Valentine's Day Party (which you'll be able to see here). With myriads of options out there for Valentine's Day decorations, I decided to go with something simple yet festive. With all of the other party planning to do's on my checklist, simple = one less thing to worry about for the … Continue reading diy valentine’s day decorative garland

valentine’s day invitations {free printables}

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to par-tay! Being that I love planning events, and that I also happen to adore this splendid holiday, you can imagine how jubilant I was to plan this year's Valentine's Day Party (which you can see soon here!). Now, I'm a big fan of online invitations for all kinds … Continue reading valentine’s day invitations {free printables}

valentine’s day card ideas {free and printable!}

There are a plethora of Valentine's Day card ideas out there, and I just love every one of 'em! I can remember being so excited to give away my Valentine's Day cards at school. And of course I always saved my favorite cards in the bunch for my "besties." As I grew up, a card … Continue reading valentine’s day card ideas {free and printable!}