featured on the mother-boards :: my diy magnets

I was so pleased to open up my inbox this morning to find that I’ve been featured on this super blogger site, The Mother-Boards! They’re an awesome blog site featuring everything from DIY projects to holiday fun to kids stuff. Check out the feature they posted on my DIY Magnets. Thanks a bundle!


For my 40th birthday celebration, I wanted to give everyone a little somethin’-somethin’! Since my husband invited my closest friends and family, all 150 of them, I wasn’t quite sure what to give that wouldn’t break the bank. After all, he was already spending a pretty penny on making the extravaganza of the decade for me. As is often the case when I’m in any home or craft store, I had a brilliant idea for a gift as I was strolling down the aisle of tile at  Home Depot  one day. Magnets. YES! Magnets. Everyone uses magnets. Showcasing your kids’ art. Displaying all those cards at Christmas. Posting up a sweet note to your hubz. Magnets are so practical and universally applicable! This would be the perfect gift to give the masses.

By: Ronda Waters

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diy no sew pillows

I can remember taking a sewing class when I was in 7th grade. I made a bag, and probably an apron or something like it. I loved my home economics class. I felt so crafty and accomplished, like I could truly make anything. I've since strayed from sewing (read: I don't sew), but I have … Continue reading diy no sew pillows

diy end table

There's a corner in our living room that has never felt quite right to me. Now, this could be simply because I wish the window in the living room corner was bigger. Nonetheless, I've settled for a floor lamp as a filler for several months. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this floor lamp! … Continue reading diy end table

diy shamrock plant pot + pennywise wednesday #9

I'm getting in gear for transforming my home decor for spring. There's always this little "pause" that happens around this time of year in switching over to the spring decor because of a little green holiday that falls on March 17. I'm an includer so I hate it when something or someone gets left out. … Continue reading diy shamrock plant pot + pennywise wednesday #9

free spring backgrounds

Is anyone else ready for spring? As a California girl who actually looovvvveesss the winter months here in Tennessee, I'm hankering for some spring-time weather (it's been such a tease this week with 60+ degrees every day!). As is the case most years, Tennessee is completely fickle when it comes to winter, and especially as … Continue reading free spring backgrounds

diy paper lanterns

I'm not only a party-nista in my home, but I attend a church that throws a great party as well. With so many creative friends in our church family, each event is sure to have some WOW factor goin' on. Last year was our church's 20th anniversary and I co-hosted a soiree with my kindred … Continue reading diy paper lanterns

diy paint chip calendar

Several months ago I was walking through the paint section at Home Depot admiring all of the fabulous colors displayed in paint chips. It's like a work of art. I got to thinking there must be something awesome I can make with paint chips, right? I mean they're FREE, and they're colorful, and you can … Continue reading diy paint chip calendar

st. patrick’s day fonts + font maker

St. Patty's Day is on the way. I don't usually do a lot to celebrate this Irish holiday, but it does make for some fun crafts and event decorations. Over any other graphic element, I'm a font gal. Typography is an art. You can do a lot with words as is, but add a great … Continue reading st. patrick’s day fonts + font maker

link party-palooza

Being new to the blogosphere, I have so appreciated the amazing women bloggers who have gone before me. Most of these creative and talented women are full-time blog masters and they are super generous with tips and advice to help us younger, less experienced (and not even part of part-time) bloggers. One such expert is … Continue reading link party-palooza

feature: pomp & circumstance

I'm delighted to introduce to you my super creative, talented and witty friends over at Pomp & Circumstance, Jessie and Jamie. In case you couldn't tell, they're sisters. I've known them for upwards of 15 years, and they even traveled from California to Tennessee for my wedding {and to see Music City, of course!} - … Continue reading feature: pomp & circumstance